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Merry Christmas!!!!
Christmas Open House Thanksgiving Day 2-11pm
Carriage Rides 2-5pm

Elf on the Shelf, Collegiate, Fitz and Floyd, Waterford, Willow Tree Angels and much, much more....

This is our 36th year in business and 34 years in this old home.  It is known locally as the G.B. Evans homeplace.  It was built on this site in the late 1800's.  As you enter the top step, there are footprints of the Evan's daughter as a child and imprinted on the step near the street is the word WELWYN, whick means WELCOME.  We host Christmas Open House every year on Thanksgiving Afternoon with thousands in attendance.  Please come out and visit us with all 14 rooms of the home open and decorated with Christmas!!!!


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